100-144 Red Hill Road
Middletown, NJ


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GPS: 40.389417,-74.130278


IMPORTANT: In December we have our Christmas party in the Red Hill Road Center, so we hike from this location on that day. That is the only time we start from Red Hill Road – on all other days we start at the Holland Road entrance.

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Meeting Point

The holiday party is in the main building at the end of the parking lot.


Garden State Parkway

  • Take exit 114 and follow Red Hill Road east to Tatum Park on the left.

State Hwy 35

  • Follow Hwy 35 to Kings Hwy west.
  • Turn right at the first light onto Red Hill Road.
  • Follow Red Hill Road to Tatum Park on the right.

Rte 33 west

  • Bypass Freehold and go north on Halls Mill/Kozloski Road to Rte 537.
  • Turn right (east) on Rte 537, and continue past Colts Neck High School.
  • Turn left onto Rte 34 north.
  • Follow Rte 34 for 5.25 miles, crossing Rte 520, and turn right on Roberts Road.
  • Follow Roberts Road east for 1.75 miles to Crawfords Corner Road, then turn right.
  • Follow Crawfords Corner Road for 1.75 miles to the intersection with Red Hill Road, and turn left.
  • Follow Red Hill Road for 2 miles to the park entrance on your left.