Portland Road
732-842-4000 ext 4312

There is no exact street address for this location.


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GPS: 40.391194,-73.988500


This is the meeting point for both Rocky Point and Hartshorne Woods.

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Meeting Point

Meet in the parking lot (see the picture below).


From points north:

  • Take Hwy 36 south to Highlands, and turn right onto Miller Street (Our Lady of Perpetual Help is on the corner).
  • Turn left at the intersection with Highland Avenue.
  • Take the first right onto South Peak Street.
  • Follow South Peak Street up the hill, and bear right onto Grand Tour.
  • Turn right at the next intersection to stay on Grand Tour.
  • At the end turn right onto Portland Road.
  • The parking lot will be in front of you.

From Rte 33 west:

  • Bypass Freehold and go north on Halls Mill/Kozloski Road to Rte 537.
  • Turn right (east) on Rte 537, and continue past Colts Neck High School to the intersection with Rte 34 in Colts Neck. Turn left onto Rt 34 North.
  • At the first light turn right onto Phalanx Road.
  • Follow Phalanx Road for 3.75 miles to Rte 520 (Newman Springs Road) in Lincroft. Turn right onto Newman Springs Road.
  • Stay on Newman Springs Road until the intersection with Route 35 (and the railroad crossing) in Red Bank. Turn right onto Route 35.
  • Take the first left onto White Road, and follow until the intersection with Branch Avenue (3/4 mile).
  • Turn left onto Branch Avenue, then take the first right onto Rumson Road.
  • Follow Rumson Road through Fair Haven and Rumson. The road will end at the water’s edge, Hwy 36.
  • Turn left (north, toward Sandy Hook) and follow Hwy 36 north through Sea Bright and over the Highlands bridge.
  • Stay in the right (exit) lane over the bridge, and take the first right at the end of the bridge.
  • Go down and  and bear to the right under the highway, then up the other side. There’s a brown “Hartshorne Woods/Rocky Point” sign as you pass under the bridge (see picture below).
  • Turn left onto Portland Road.
  • Follow Portland Road up the hill to the park entrance at the top.