45 Simon Lake Drive
Atlantic Highlands
732-842-4000 ext 4312

NOTE: Address is approximate.


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GPS: 40.416083,-74.035222


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Meeting Point

We meet in the parking lot next to the tennis courts. Click here for a satellite view of the parking lot, showing the tennis courts and the Henry Hudson Trail.


From the north or south:

  • Take Route 36 to First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands.
  • Go almost to the end of First Avenue.
  • Bear right onto Sutton Walk when you see the “Welcome to Atlantic Highlands Marina” sign on the right of the intersection.
  • Soon after turning you will see a parking lot on the right, next to some tennis courts. Meet in that parking lot.

NOTE: If you miss the turn onto Sutton Walk keep going around Simon Lake Drive, and you’ll circle back to an intersection. The entrance to the parking lot will be right in front of you at the intersection.