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I’ve been managing the web site, registration, on-line payment, team assignments and scheduling for  Pinelanders Youth Soccer Club since the early nineties, and in that time I’ve developed various tools to help with seasonal activities such as scheduling and automated player assignments, as well as the day-to-day management tools.

I set up whereshouldibe.com in 2009 to help another local club, Howell United Soccer Club, with their needs for an on-line field management tool that would help them to schedule their home games for teams playing across multiple leagues.

Since my┬áretirement for my day job as a software engineer with Hewlett Packard Enterprise I’m finding plenty in this area to keep me occupied as I evolve the Pinelanders and whereshouldibe sites to use better technologies, and I’ve added a new “groups” area┬áto help our hiking group manage schedule and location information.

For more details of my professional background and my interests please see my LinkedIn profile, and contact me if I can help your organization to figure out where it should be.

– Jem Treadwell

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